Wednesday, August 20th, 1975

Wednesday, August 20th, 1975

5 responses to “Wednesday, August 20th, 1975

  • berniejenkin

    You never cease to amaze Joe – these are magnificent x

  • Karen Valadez

    Elvis worked so hard for his fans. He was only human. The pace he kept caught up with him. Thanks for today’s journal entry, Joe. Makes me appreciate Elvis even more.


    Thank you Joe. This is a fantastic idea. We enjoy your work so much . Mary McLaughlin

  • George Millar

    Joe, your are Amazing! It’s an honor to be speaking to you! As a huge Elvis fan, I purchased a calender of your artwork of Elvis, still blows me away! I am also an artist, and you are the best! Thank you for your amazing work! Just found this blog this morning, very nice!! Thanks Joe!! TCB;)

    • jpetruccio

      Hey George! Thanks for the compliment! Glad you and all other Elvis fans are enjoying this as much as I am. It’s nice starting my day doing a small painting of Elvis. I’m Happy I cam share it with you all.

      I’d love to see your work.

      Peace, Love and TCB

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