Sunday, October 2nd,1977

Sunday, October 2nd,1977

6 responses to “Sunday, October 2nd,1977

  • Clementine Moriarty

    Joe…………I am back!! Oct. 2………incredible picture and fact! I always think of Elvis’ gravesite at Graceland………when I hear him sing that song. Thanks for fixing my computer!! TYVM!

  • kingcreole1948

    Joe, your attention to detail in your presentations is SECOND TO NONE! Thanks for all you do my friend!

  • Karen Valadez

    I’m glad they were moved home. Not just because we get to pay our respects to them while at Graceland but because that is where they belong. Thanks, again, for the interesting Elvis info, Joe, and beautiful art.

  • George Millar

    Joe, Absolutley Stunning!! Keep Em’ Coming!! TCB!!

  • Kay Ross

    Sorry to correct you but Elvis and Gladys are NOT side by side..check it out….he’s between his grandmother and Vernon.

    • jpetruccio

      Well Kay, sorry to correct you. On this day in 1977 Gladys’s body was also moved to the Meditation Garden beside Elvis.
      When Vernon Presley died in 1979 he was buried there ; and Minnie Mae Presley was laid to rest beside the rest of her family in 1980.

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