Wednesday, October 3rd,1945

Wednesday, October 3rd,1945

6 responses to “Wednesday, October 3rd,1945

  • Kathy Jones

    Not only is the artwork beyond amazing but it also takes a LOT of homework and research to do what you are doing . . . . I thank you so so so much Joe!!

  • Clementine Moriarty

    Joe……..”very sweet”……… captured young Elvis……as if you were there! TYVM!

  • Karen Valadez

    Great picture of Elvis performing at Children’s Day, Joe! I wonder what he did for Gladys to whip her precious son? I don’t think she whipped him very often.

  • jpetruccio

    I’m sure she was a good mother. They say she whipped him because he rode on a dangerous ride on the fair that day. Part of his prize was free rides.

  • kingcreole1948

    I was fortunate to meet the lady that won the contest back in 1945 at the 50th Anniversary of Elvis Homecoming in Tupelo during the events in 2006. I have her autograph in my collection now!

    Thank you for your OUTSTANDING artistic recap of this event Joe!

  • Den Holden

    Out of all of the art I have seen of Elvis,in my opinion Mr Petruccio has the essence of Elvis down pat,I love it!!!

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