Thursday, October 8th,1992

Thursday, October 8th,1992

4 responses to “Thursday, October 8th,1992

  • elvisnartlover

    That was a great reminder and memory…. Thank you 🙂 I still wish I had some of those!

  • Karen Valadez

    Fantastic art of the stamps! I remember voting for the Elvis stamp. Love that stamp!

  • Clementine Moriarty

    Lucky to receive 10 “First Day of Issue” Elvis Stamps, last year! They are beautifully framed……..and look……… almost, as good as your Elvis stamp above, Joe!

  • jpetruccio

    I loved having a chance to paint the Elvis Stamp. This is the one that came as part of this package of stars. “the” Elvis stamp is a little different. The Elvis stamp that was issued on January 8, 1993 only had the name Elvis on it.

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