Sunday, October 28th, 1956

Sunday, October 28th, 1956

3 responses to “Sunday, October 28th, 1956

  • ginette lefebvre

    Love this Joe just awesome

  • Elaine Amaron

    Glad you’re back

  • Cathy Rogers

    Hello Joe, I was tickled to see and shake your hand behind the shops, as you took a break. My Dad gave Elvis his first helicopter ride in Sept. ’56,

    and I so hope someday you will eventually get to create a vision in your artwork. The story is in Elvis, The Lighter Side ((662) 393-0201 Bardahl McDaniel as of last August, and validated in Nick Adams book. It’s quite a story, that nearly turned tragic, but one I treasure.

    Thank you so much, for all your artwork we enjoy and have on our walls, here in Dallas/Fort Worth. I’m so glad dear Todd cleared you a path to us “needy” fans! 🙂 Reading where you have been an Elvis fan all these years, makes you one of us, and it certainly shines, and brings joy, to all of us.

    My husband was happy to shake you hand as well. May your TCB’n never end!

    Cathy and Steve Curtis

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