Thursday November 1st, 1956

Thursday  November !st, 1956

Thursday, October 31st, 1957

Thursday,  October 31st, 1957

Saturday, October 30th, 1976

Saturday, October 30th, 1976

Tuesday, October 29th,1957

Tuesday,  October 29th,1957

Sunday, October 28th, 1956

Sunday, October 28th, 1956

Oh Sandy!

Sorry I’m running behind. I was caught in the middle of Hurricane Sandy. We had No water or power for 6days.
It was a devastating loss for so many on the east coast. Please continue to keep all the families ravaged by this storm in your prayersPeace, Love & TCB

Wednesday, October 27th,1976

Friday, October 26th,1956

Tuesday, October 25th,1960

Tuesday, October,24th,1961

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